The Flyleaf Review Turns 2! Plus a BIG announcement :)


It’s kind of hard to believe that my little blog has been up and running for 2 years! It feels like yesterday….
2013 was a big year–I read more than 155 books; I helped co-host the Summer Series Challenge with my friends Lauren @ Love is Not a Triangle and Asheley @ Into the Hall of Books; I had a number of interviews with the author’s of some of my favorite reads; and I also helped organize a couple of book tours for two books I LOVED. In addition, I continued to cultivate relationships with some fantastic publicist’s which in turn led to receiving some wonderful advance copies of books as well as participating in a number of blog tours.
I also faced some really big blogger burnout–landed myself in one giant reading and writing funk–one I am still working through right now. I continue to face the challenge that most bloggers face at some point or another, balancing blogging with ‘real life.’
So, it’s been a year of blogging ups and downs for sure. But through it all I continue to love blogging–I love getting to know other bloggers and readers through this blog, and I love getting the chance to discuss books
with all of you.
A couple of months back I approached a blog reader that I first got to know through The Summer Series Challenge. I asked Marlene if she would be interested in writing some guest post’s and reviews here on the blog. Marlene was an active member of Goodreads and I really loved all the thoughtful comments she left as well as her Goodread’s reviews. Marlene has been posting reviews over the past couple of months and I think it has been a breath of fresh air here at the Flyleaf Review–
So, I am THRILLED that Marlene has decided to join me here on a permanent basis as my new co-blogger! I can’t think of a better way to kick off the second year of The Flyleaf Review. If you have had a chance to read some of Marlene’s reviews and Top Ten Tuesday posts I think you’ll agree she is a terrific writer and I am so excited to have her join the team:)
I’m going to turn it over to Marlene and let her tell you a little about herself:
I’m Marlene, a 20-something college graduate who aspires to become an elementary school teacher.
I’ve always had a love affair with books but have only recently rediscovered my interest in YA fiction.
Right now, I’m making strides to read the best YA titles out there, so I’ll be needing lots and lots of recommendations.
Middle grade and children’s book recommendations are also welcome.
When I don’t have my head stuck in between the pages of a book or in search of my next read, you’ll catch me cheering on the Houston Rockets or the Houston Texans from my living room couch.
I’m the type of girl who proudly wears jerseys and t-shirts to support her favorite teams,
but who says I can’t be sporty and feminine too?
I love makeup! I create new eye makeup looks daily; at times, they are bold and colorful and at others,
tamed and neutral; they never turn out the same.
I use makeup as a form of expression –
just as writing book reviews allows me to express my reading experiences – whether they be positive or negative.
 In the end, no matter the experience, every work of fiction teaches me as a reader; with every page I turn,
I learn what works for me and what doesn’t. You’ll just have to wait to find out!
I’m honored and excited to be a co-blogger on the Flyleaf Review!
If you want to say hello or discuss books at great length, feel free to reach me on Goodreads and Twitter.
So, look for some changes to the blog in the coming weeks as Marlene gets acclimated and we work toward converting The Flyleaf Review from a one-woman show to a joint collaboration:)