What’s a Flyleaf Review?

A little info for you:

Flyleaf (flahy-leef) 

n. A blank or specially printed leaf at the beginning or end of a book.


Along with being a list maker, I’m also a note taker. I blame it on all those Art History courses I took in college. I never left home without a backpack full of pens, pencils and highlighters. Most of my time is spent blogging, but this crossed over into my reading too. I know this type of thing could be considered book abuse but I used to employ all the standards: dog-earing pages, highlighting passages of text I liked, taking notes in the margins and at the end of chapters. I began making so many notes in the margins that I ran out of room and turned instead to those two or three blank pages found in the front or back of most hardcover books. The flyleaf or fly pages. Voilá! The Flyleaf Review was born:)