Introducing the Summer Series Challenge, June – August 2013 :)

Ah summertime….and the living is easy (for the most part.) Kids are on break and the pace seems to slow down. What better time for a reading challenge? And if you are someone who is stuck in the middle of a favorite series, or someone who really wants to start that series you have been putting off, then this challenge is MADE FOR YOU!


The Summer Series Challenge is a three-month-long opportunity to complete unfinished series you’ve already started. Or read through series that are now finished, but you have yet to begin. Even better, consider reading a series or two in its entirety, back to back (this is something I particularly enjoy, especially series with 4 or more books in it.)
The Summer Series Challenge Objectives:
  • Complete finished series that you’ve started but have yet to go back to.
  • Read a finished series in its entirety.
This is a very laid back challenge. You set and monitor your own goals. Your Challenge hosts, Lauren at Love is Not a Triangle, Asheley at Into the Hall of Books, and I will be posting some helpful reminders as well as challenge related posts and discussions along the way. And don’t forget to tweet your progress at #serieschallenge!
1) The Summer Series Challenge begins June 1 and runs through August 31. Books must be started and completed during that time frame. Audiobooks count as well!
2) Anyone can join the challenge, but you need to have some place that you can publish reviews – blog, Goodreads, Amazon etc. for your reading to be counted towards the giveaways.
3) Although there are no genre restrictions on the books you choose, they have to be part of a series. That means no standalones.
4) Series that are made up of linked single books, or companion books, will be counted. For instance Simone Elkeles Perfect Chemistry or Miranda Kenneally’s Hundred Oaks series fit within the Challenge rules.
5)  The purpose of this challenge is to encourage readers to finish completed series.  That means the series you choose need to be fully published. You cannot count debut series that only have one book released.*

*However, we will make an exception for unfinished series that have least 3 books released.  For instance, Megan Whalen Turner’s Queen’s Thief series has 4 books released though 6 are planned so those books would count.

Sounds like fun, right? What can you do to join in?

  • Make a list of all the series that you’ve started but have yet to complete. Highlight the ones with books that have already released.
  • Make a list of series that you haven’t started yet. Need some ideas?
  • Follow the Challenge hashtag (#serieschallenge) on Twitter
  • Grab our button!