Sunday, July 20, 2014

Marlene's Summer TBR: Changes & Progress!

Hello, readers!

Today, I have an update for you!

Remember my Summer Series TBR post?
How about my list of Beach-y Reads for the summer?
If you're wondering how I'm getting on with all of those, stay right here. :)

Before I reveal what I've read, and what I plan to pick up next, 
I want to talk about CHANGES. Yes, changes to the TBR pile. 
Because, let's face it. I have commitment issues when it comes to this sort of thing, 
and I want to talk about it! A little.

Here is a compilation of ALL the books:

The Series Starters:

The Beach-y Reads:

SO... I said something about changes, right? Basically, I'm putting MOST of these books back into the ol' TBR pile, the general one, where they will be wait listed for who knows how long. Yikes! Okay, it isn't that I believed I could read all of these in one summer. NOPE! I never said that. I only said I wanted options. Some of these options have changed, but I've also dwindled the option list too -- which is good for me. I felt a little overwhelmed by all of these books in one summer; even if I didn't full on commit, it still weighed me down. But to my delight, I did make a little progress. 

The books I've read:

I'm happy I've knocked out 2 books from each list. It does count for something, right? 

Here are the books I plan to read by the end of summer or...

My revised summer TBR list:

Now, I've got a little bit of breathing room, right? Though I've only listed the books I'm confident about reading, I want to add another book to my revised list. I want your input. I NEED your help! I want you to pick 1 SERIES STARTER or 1 BEACH-Y READ from the lists above. What do you think I should read by the end of summer? Please point out my mistake here. Which book should I absolutely NOT PUT OFF FOR ANOTHER SEASON? So, that's your challenge to give to me! Make this good, peeps! I want my summer to end on a high note!

And if you're curious...

Here are the books I'm currently reading:

These are also a part of the challenge!

**I'm having trouble with My Life Next Door. Someone convince me to push through.** 

I'll be back at the end of August/beginning of September with news 
on how successful/disastrous this revised challenge turned out to be. Wish me luck!

So, how is your summer reading shaping up?
Did you challenge yourself with a summer TBR pile of your own?
Are you sticking to your list or making adjustments?
Don't forget to weigh in on what you think I should add to my list!

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  1. I actually found that after her debut, Dennard's books lost steam for me so I hope they work out better for you, Marlene. I looooved Just One Year so that's the winner on your revised TBR, in my opinion at least. From your original TBR I'm hoping you get to Graffiti Moon and Tiger Lily soon as they are absolute favorites of mine. Everything on your original TBR is a winner, but those particular titles are my faves. Fantastic post, Marlene, and I hope you find your revised TBR more manageable--I'm sure you will! :)

    1. I wonder if Dennard's books are better read in succession? I'll find out soon enough. :)

      Oh, Keertana. Now, I'm re-thinking this whole thing! haha. I can't be trusted with a small selection of TBR books. I always end up deviating from it. I'm thinking every unread book in this post is fair game. We'll see what I end up picking up. As always, thanks for your input! Tiger Lily is looking very appealing to me at the moment!

  2. I am constantly shuffling my TBR pile around it's not even funny, so I don't blame. It's why I can never commit to reading something ahead of time because I almost always pick based on my mood at the moment, unless it's a book that's just come out and I've been dying to read it. I cannot wait to see what you think of My Life Next Door. It's one of my favorite summer romances, so if you don't give it 5 stars we may not be friends any more. :P j/k j/k (prbly)

  3. I've almost given up on my Summer TBRs, too, Marlene. I don't work well when I have a set list of books to read because I'm such a mood reader, but I also didn't expect to read everything I listed because I had so many on the list to begin with to subvert my moodiness. I'm sad to hear you're having trouble with My Life Next Door. I loved it from the beginning and though it does take an odd turn toward the end, it was still a 5 star read for me. Hoping it picks up for you, but if you're already having issues, I'm not sure it will. :(

  4. haha!! I do the same thing. I make these huge old lists.. and then I give up. Its like filling your plate full of yummy food only to realize you aren't hungry enough for it.

    My Life Next Door is good, but I also had the same problem. I'm not sure if it was because I read something amazing right before, or what. I liked it, but I didn't feel it lived up to all the hype. It's worth pushing through I think though. You can do it!! :)


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