Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (8)- Top Ten Beach Reads

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Top Ten Beach Reads

I tried to stick with books that have sort of a summer theme or books I have personally read and enjoyed during past summers.

1. Wanderlove  by Kristen Hubbard-  Finding oneself while backpacking in a lush, jungle landscape with hot tour guide = awesome summer read:)
2. This Lullaby or any Sarah Dessen book. - This Lullaby is my personal fave of her books. I have a serious soft spot for geeky musician boys.
3. Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar-  perfect combo of beach/ surf lifestyle but exposes some hefty issues and packs a powerful punch. 
4. Summer Sisters by Judy Blume- I read this about thirteen summers ago and it's definitely the quintessential beach read. 
5. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee-  I know, I know, it seems like this is on all my Top Ten lists! But when it comes to coming of age and stories that take place during the summer, this one totally fits the bill. Plus, like Raw Blue, it tackles some serious issues so you are also, you know, exercising your brain and expanding your horizons:)
6. Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson- ROAD TRIP! What's more summery than that?
7. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Anne Brasheres  - Ok, I never read the book (s) but I thought the movie was cute and it is perfect summertime material. 
8. Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden - Another book that I read a few summer's back. Never saw the movie (I heard it wasn't so great) but the book ROCKED. 
9. Tokyo Heist by Diana Renn- I recently read this (review will post in a couple of weeks) and it was fun. The story takes place in Tokyo while the MC is on summer break.
10. Something Like Normal by Trish Doller- Just read and reviewed this and LOVED it! The setting is a beach town of the Florida Gulf Coast and there are deep sea fishing and midnight sea turtle hatching scenes written in. Perfect summertime read!

Here are some of the books I am planning on reading this summer, all with summertime themes.

Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler - Just bought this last week.
Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols- a very generous blogger sent me this one.
The Summer Series by Jenny Han- I have the first two books in this series.
Second Chance Summer- Loved Amy and Roger's Epic Detour so I'm looking forward to this one.

What's your Top Ten Summer reading list? Link me up or leave me a comment:)


  1. Heather, you have to read the Traveling Pants soon!! This series is one of my favorites! Also I need to read This Lullaby because I've only read two of Dessen's novels. :)

  2. We have a couple of books that are the same on our lists - totally agree with the Traveling Pants and with Memoirs of a Geisha! I've also heard very good things about Raw Blue - maybe one I'll eventually get to!

    My TTT this week

  3. I also read Something Like Normal recently and love it so much I put it on my TT! I plan on reading Second Chance Summer as well and I hope I love it as much as Amy and Roger's Epic Detour! Great choices this week :)

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  4. I loved Amy & Roger, and I'm dying to read Wanderlove, it sounds exactly like my kind of book, and perfect for summer! Great list - I also love To Kill A Mockingbird, and hope everyone gets a chance to read it at some point.

  5. Awesome list! I have to get my hands on Raw Blue at some point - I've heard amazing things about it. Also, you haven't read the Summer series or Twenty Boy Summer!? READ, READ, READ!!!

  6. I need to read Twenty Boy Summer.
    And I agree, Sarah Dessen books are perfect for summer!!

  7. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books ever. So glad to see it on your list. New follower via GFC :)

  8. oooh so many on my to read list you're making me so excited to get to them.

    here's my TTT

  9. Okay, Tokyo Heist makes yet another list. It's a given that I'm going to read it. Enjoyed reading your list.

  10. OH MY GODDDDDD I love To Kill A Mockingbird like it is in my Top 5 Books OF ALL TIME.

    And I have some of the same books on my summer to read list as well - - The Summer series and Second Chance Summer.

    Great list!

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  11. YAY for Amy and Roger's! I really want to read Something Like Normal!!

  12. I just got my hands on a copy of Wanderlove today ^.^
    My TTT; http://booknookgirl.blogspot.com/2012/06/top-ten-tuesday-beach-reads.html

  13. Ooo Wanderlove sounds perfect for a beach! I do want x

  14. I love that you have To Kill a Mockingbird on this list. It should be on every list for everything!

    I have Raw Blue but haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe I'll read it when I'm on vacation later this summer.

  15. I've heard Wanderlove is fantastic. I need to get my hands on it!

    To Kill a Mockingbird is great, and Traveling Pants was on my list, too!

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  16. I am dying to read Raw Blue! (and her other one, Night Beach) but I can't seem to find it anywhere near me. None of the libraries have it - which I suspect is since she's an Aussie author - but hopefully I'll dig it up somehow! Twenty Boy Summer, the Summer series, and Second Chance Summer are all on my summer TBR this year, too!I'm slacking on that pretty badly, but hopefully soon.

    Great list!


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