Friday, May 11, 2012

Fierce Reads Tour

A few months back I was checking out the events calendar on the Southern Book Bloggers website (love that site, btw!) and I was thrilled to discover that The Fierce Reads Tour will be making a stop in my hometown of Pensacola on June 16! This is big news because you don't often see many cool YA events around my neck of the woods (at least I don't see many!) Back in January I missed seeing the incredible John Green in New Orleans on his Nerdfighters Tour promoting The Fault in Our Stars. I had tickets and everything but had to cancel at the last minute when a family member fell ill. (John Green if you ever come down this way again, I promise I will be there with bells on:) 

So for those of you who don't know, The Fierce Reads Tour features some awesome authors and will be touring the country starting this month and continuing through June. 

Included in the tour are:

Leigh Bardugo- Shadow and Bone
Jennifer Bosworth- Struck
Emmy Laybourne- Monument 13
Marissa Meyer- Cinder (Read my review.)
Anna Banks- Of Poseidon

I'm told that my venue will have all the authors, with the exception of  Marissa Meyer, and I am super stoked! I'd like to read each of the books (excluding Cinder, I've already read and reviewed that) and have them for signing so if anyone has a copy and wants to trade, shoot me an email!   

Want to know if the Fierce Reads Tour is coming to a city near you? For more information, including a list of the cities the Tour will be stopping, check out's website here. 

And if you are in the Northwest Florida or South Alabama area and plan to attend the event at the Barnes and Nobles in Pensacola on June 16th,  leave a comment or email me! It would be cool to say hello:)


  1. Yaaaay, I'm glad it's coming to your town! I'm super excited for this tour, and I know you'll have a ton of fun - i think I'm developing a slight addiction to author signings/tours haha.

    1. I think you are too, and I don't blame you one bit:)


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